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About Me

Kathlynn Rodin is a singer, actor, dancer born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been singing ever since she could talk. Starting out in a more sports driven family, Kathlynn was an avid softball player until, one day, her brother was asked to perform in a musical. Naturally, being competitive and wanting to show off her artistic side, she decided to audition for the next production. The rest is history!

Kathlynn graduated May 2021 with a Bachelor of Music from the Herberger Institute of Design and Arts Music Theatre and Opera program from the esteemed Arizona State University. Kathlynn has been given numerous opportunities to portray sweet yet compelling soprano ingenue roles, as well as commanding, spunky, and exciting belt roles . She enjoys navigating through both classical and contemporary musical theatre, tackling everything from challenging scores with complex storylines, to comedic characters with vibrant personalities.

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While Kathlynn isn't onstage, she can be seen working at Starbucks or dancing to ABBA on the Subway. A few of her favorite things include dogs, elephants, coffee, hanging out with friends and family, and true crime podcasts.

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